GEO Theatre: See Our Amazing Earth as “geologist” Gordon Pinsent takes you through earthquakes, waterfalls, rain and volcanoes. Four billion years, packed into 16 minutes!

Our Planet: How was the Earth formed? What causes volcanoes and earthquakes? Find out about the world of rocks, minerals, fossils, and geological time. See the Earth as you have never seen it before!

Our Province: Discover why Newfoundland and Labrador is considered “Earth’s Geological Showcase.” How does the province show the world what happened hundreds of millions of years ago? Touch rocks that are nearly 4 billion years old, and see a piece of the ancient ocean floor.

Our People: Where did humans come from? What makes humans special amongst all the creatures of the planet? What caused humans to move around the globe? Understand our dependence on natural resources, and how the never-ending search for resources influences our lives.

Our Future: Everything on Earth is subject to natural changes and the influences of human activity. Are all our choices good? Does our future lie beyond the Solar System? See the awe-inspiring Stellarium, showing the 250 stars closest to our own star, the Sun.

The Titanic Story: The Titanic Story offers a complete account of the greatest peacetime tragedy of the 20th century. Over 1,500 lives were lost, just 560 km (350 miles) off the coast of Newfoundland. Learn the many causes of this world-famous disaster in the truly astonishing Titanic Story.

ExxonMobil Oil and Gas Gallery: The ExxonMobil Oil & Gas Gallery will transport you to the deck of a drilling and production platform! Everything from a discovery-well drill bit to 3D computer and scale models await you. Come on in and Fuel Your Curiosity!